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Business clients of the Firm vary in size and industry. They may be an individual with a business venture or an established company. Often, the business owner is actively involved in the management of the enterprise.

Selecting the particular form for a business entity depends upon a number of considerations, such as the nature of the business venture, the number of individuals owning and managing the business, the requirements of raising capital, or the ease of transferring interests in the business. We provide advice in determining the appropriate form and then, take the steps necessary to establish the entity. Business entity formation may include creating a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or limited liability partnership (LLP).

Whether a start-up or an on-going business, our attorneys provide the growing enterprise general guidance and advice as to organizational governance, together with transactional assistance. We review, negotiate, and draft business documents such as consulting services agreements, customer agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, buy-sell agreements, purchase agreements, and agreements to settle business disputes.

We advise both individuals and businesses as to real estate matters. Real property interests may involve residential, as well as, commercial properties, and range from leasing and sales, to resolving neighborhood boundary disputes. Services include reviewing, negotiation, and preparation of documents such as leases, rental agreements, and purchase agreements. Or, they may simply involve a review of circumstances or a document, a discussion to explain the related impact, and working on a subsequent strategy in light of the implications.

Having represented both employers and employees, the Firm offers an effective perspective as regards the employment relationship. We provide advice as to policies and procedures and review, negotiate, and prepare agreements for employees, such as inside or outside sales personnel; contracts for outside services or consultants; or agreements for use by, or for the services of, an independent contractor.

In general, it is advisable for every adult of whatever means, young or old, single, married, or domestic partner, to have a plan for the distribution upon one’s passing, of their property and possessions. In the absence of formal provisions, an estate will be distributed pursuant to an unalterable plan established by the laws of California. This pre-established plan of distribution may not be in accordance with one’s wishes. We provide advice to develop and implement a plan that addresses a client’s wishes as to their property and possessions.

Whether seeking a review of an existing estate plan, wishing to update a plan, or ready to create a plan to document desired distribution and protect loved ones, the attorneys of the Firm can help. We are experienced in the review and preparation of estate plans and estate planning documents which may include the will, pour-over will, living trust, durable power of attorney, and advance healthcare directive.

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